Why Short Stories for Kids is Essential?

Is there anybody else in the entire world who didn’t listen to story from his/her parent or grandma at childhood? Yes, I’m telling you the short stories for kids that you are looking for your children. There was hardly a night in my childhood, I slept without hearing a story from my mom. Those sweet memories I can still recall. Please try to recall your memories of your childhood, I think you can remember the story what you have heard from your mom or grandma.

Why I’m telling you this? Is to realize the importance of short stories for kids, it has a great impact on your child’s tender heart. While mom was telling me a story I was sketching those characters on the story in my mind, I was trying to visualize them.There are some excellent benefits of short stories for kids besides lull your children. I suggest to all moms to find some time to tell a story for your children. It has innumerable advantages-

Children across the world love stories. They will want to know more about their designer characters and often try to copy them. By telling your kids stories that come with a meaningful message, you can definitely inculcate characteristics like wisdom, courage, trustworthiness, etc. From an early at age with your little one.

Sharing with your children's stories from your childhood memories and about various activities and get-together from your past will make them more familiar with different customs and traditions prevalent in your family. Sharing stories will also help them grow mentally.Telling history to your children will enrich their verbal efficiency, which is let help them grow their vocabulary and Language skills as well as listening skill and so on.

While you are telling try to show them some pics so that they draw that character in their mind.
In my mind, all parents should choose the story from the best writer where the message is clear and easily understandable to their children. Be careful, while you're selecting a story for your children as you know the importance already. So’ I recommend picking those stories were, at least, a moral message contained in it.

Tons of Short story have written by very famous writer all over the world in various languages. I must regard them for their endless effort. Hans Christian Andersen and Aesop are most popular among all the short story writer.

I want to mention with respect another name Dr. Seuss (March 2, 1904 - September 1991) who has some unique efforts on developing short stories for kids. He has enhanced story using colorful images which make it easy to draw your kid’s attention. The Cat in the Hat, Mr. Brown can Moo, Can You? Go Dog Go. Ten Apples Up on Top and Many more books has written by Him.

Dr. Seuss's Story books
Short Stories for Kids

Now, you, of course, want to collect some of these books on short stories for kids. You may collect some of the copy of excellent storybooks Here, which costs you less a dollar.

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